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    Do online recipes assume a general brewhouse efficiency?

    To calculate the BHE you could work it out by hand/spreadsheet if you know or guess the malts' extract yield or potential. An easier option is to use an app or online calculator. Using the free app Wort I calculated the BHE for the linked recipe to be 76.5% (OG 1.038) to 84.6% (OG 1.042) for the...
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    A good but very simple and basic recipe

    Before you jump in at the deep end?? With a setup like that it looks like you're halfway across the Tasman already.
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    First AG brew - a US-style IPA with a surprise OG

    Thanks for the info about mashing and modern malts. Yes the 3.77kg was a typo.
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    First AG brew - a US-style IPA with a surprise OG

    After a few kit brews (two fresh wort and one extract) I thought I'd give all-grain brewing a try to see if I like it. My very sophisticated set up includes a cheap stock pot on the kitchen stove as mash tun and boil kettle and an esky to lauter with part of an old shear curtain over a biscuit...
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    Hole in my Bung Issue

    I'm anything but an expert but I drilled a hole in one of the soft-drink caps screwed into the lid of my PET fermenter and ran my temp sensor cord through that. I used thread seal (plumbers') tape around the cord to make a snug fit then held it in place with electrical tape on the outside of...
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    Purple hot break

    Did you check you still had all your fingers after milling the grain?
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    Are there any "rules" on here for sponsors?

    I suggest not reading too much into the results of the poll. The question is loaded, on the premise that you and KL are just sniping at each other and offer no helpful information. The options are limited to "it's entertaining" or "it's tiresome". It won't get a response from anyone who thinks...
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Yes, I think you're right. It looks like Southwark Bitter is/was(?) the flagship beer. According to this it's great and of the English Bitter style, which is a pretty big call for a lager! Beer Adelaide It looks like the White is/was a take on a Bavarian-style wheat beer. Based on this I'm...
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    Worst Comerical Beer You Had

    Funny you should say that. I drank Southwark White once and decided it was one of the best beers going round. But sixteen-year-old me on a School trip to Adelaide was probable going to think 12 stubbies of anything that wasn't West End was great.
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    Extract Brewing

    Thanks for the suggestion - their range of ktis looks pretty good. They're in Queensland, which is a bit far for me, but I see they have a distributor in West Melbourne. That's still further from home than I can legally travel at the moment but something I'll definitely keep in mind for the...
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    Extract Brewing

    I've just started brewing, and have so far completed a Grain and Grape FWK (Yarraville Pale Ale), which tasted ridiculously good for something so easy to brew, and an extract kit to which I added some specialty malt and hops (in boil and dry hopped). The extract brew is tasting good and I...
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    Mangrove Jacks as the 2nd brew

    I've just bottled my second ever batch (an IPA extract kit with some spec malt and extra hops), and was surprised at how dark it looked in the (clear) fermenter. When in the hydrometer test tube it looked much paler - this makes sense given more light gets through a narrow tube than a 30 litre...
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    Hop Creep / Diacetyl Issue?

    I'm very new to the game and lack any expertise so don't think my opinion would add much value. But did you really ferment batch #3 at 30deg? You're braver than me (or a sloppy typer).
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    2x 30L fermenters, Bottle Tree and Homebrew Setup/supplies in Coburg Victoria

    If only you were a few km closer I'd be all over your offer. Good luck with the move.
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    Getting ready for my second brew (and looking for tips)

    I prepared my frankensteined extract kit recipe today: steeped the grain, boiled the hops, and put everything in the fermenter. I topped it up with pre-boiled water to about 20.5 l (recipe said 20 but the OG was a little higher than I expected based on the recipe industructions so I added a bit...