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    Negatives to drinking high fg beer?

    How did you measure the fg? If by refractometer did you correct for alcohol content. It’s a great and common mistake not to. Assuming it truly is at 1.025 and not an error in reading, it doesn’t sound like it’s going to ferment further. The beer might taste a bit sweet, but it won’t kill you...
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    New to liquid yeast

    Depending on your batch size, a single pack of liquid yeast pitched directly is probably quite an under-pitch for a lager, especially if you pitched at a rather cool 12 deg, and especially if the pack is approaching its use-by date. I'm sure you will produce enough yeast to ferment the batch...
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    NoChill again..

    I also add late hops to the whirlpool and stand before cubing. This adds more bitterness than chilling rapidly after adding whirlpool hops. I know many people go for fruit-juice-tasting IPAs, but personally I prefer a decent kick of bitterness in my IPAs so that's how I brew them - I also add...
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    Low Attenuation issues

    I agree mash temp is a likely culprit. But I did have a stalled ferment with London Ale III (your original post said you pitched dry - not sure how you do that with a liquid yeast) recently with an IPA. After 4 days fermenting at 19.5deg it had reached about 60% attenuation (sg at 1.025 down...
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    Nice Guys Brewery & Bar, Richmond (VIC)

    @Black n Tan it's very selfish of you to open your brewery bar on the opposite side of town from me. Looks great - I'll be sure to drop in for a drink or three if I'm in the area. Regarding food - I have no doubt that setting up, stocking, and staffing a kitchen takes a lot of time, effort and...
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    Naked Dry Hopping + No Cold Crash, will this work?

    I dry hop naked, cold crash and bottle. Liquid yeast is stored cold to keep it healthy but inactive. Yeast in your fermenter is also fine chilling, and wakes up once bottled. The first time I cold crashed (first time fermenting in an old fridge) I assumed the fridge wouldn’t get cold enough to...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I’m using the flat-bottom fermenter and not looking to start pressure-fermenting. No strong objection to pressure-fermenting but it seems unnecessary for me at the moment. I’ve been taking frequent refractometer readings (alcohol corrected using my own spreadsheet) and infrequent hydrometer...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Perhaps no need - I used my bottling wand "straw" as a pipette.
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    What yeast to bank?

    Thanks for the suggestions. And funny you say I should take the London Ale III off the list - it's the only one I have so far. Doubt I'll need to buy more anytime soon.
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    What yeast to bank?

    Thanks - I've seen it called both (or Columbus CTZ, which is what is written on the pack in my freezer) but I'm a lazy typist on my phone.
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    What yeast to bank?

    I'll see how the yeast goes once thawed. Most sources I could find suggested 12-15% glycerine, one was 25% I think. Good call with the PC yeasts. I'll keep an eye out but the ones on offer from my local at the moment aren't jumping out at me right now.
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    @KegLand-com-au have you thought to create a narrow beer/wine theif that will fit through the soft-drink cap openings on your fermenter lids? It would be handy to be able to take a sample without needing to remove the entire fermenter lid and the wine theif you sell is a little too wide to fit...
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    What yeast to bank?

    I built a starter of Wyeast 1318 London Ale III (thanks @kadmium for the suggestion), and froze 10 tubes yesterday to kick off the yeast bank. So far so good but the test will be seeing if the yeast is still viable when it comes to using it. Each tube has 10ml of yeast slurry from the...
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    Mexican cerveza

    I'd say Fermentis would know better than anybody else how to use their yeast. Have a look at The ideal fermentation temperature is 12-15 deg, pitching 80-120 g/hl. That is 18.4-23g (i.e. two packs) per 23 l batch. I would go...
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    Priming sugar left in fermenter

    Take a gravity reading and compare it to your fg prior to bulk priming. If it’s similar you can assume the sugar has been turned to alcohol. If it’s greater you can use some maths to calculate the attenuation of the priming sugar. My guess is that the yeast has probably done its thing (assuming...