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    I Need Help With My Chest Freezer!

    it may be able to be soldered and re-gassed but it also may need the casing atken off to do so. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is it worth it? or can you transplant the lid to another freezer?? cheers crackers
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    I Need Help With My Chest Freezer!

    sound very similar to my experience, the first noise was the gas leaking :angry: the second noise was me kicking the crap out of it. :D it doesnt fix the problem but it makes you feel better. sorry to say stuffed. cheers crackers
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    Site Errors!

    okay, i never noticed that before yep everythings okay now. cheers crackers
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    Site Errors!

    still getting the redirection then i stop the webpage from going further crackers
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    Site Errors!

    yeah i found the website home page kept getting redirected. had to remember the link straight to the forums. that worked cheers crackers
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    Site Errors!

    same here guys just went to the site and OH SHIT redircection & pop up trojans everywhere. seems okay now tho crackers
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    Adelaide Forum Get Together

    i've gotta stop looking at this thread. i'm getting jealous. :( have a good day guys crackers
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    Acronym List Needed

    maybe there could be a page as a glossary all the common used acronyms and lingo with a description would of helped me out when i started. cheers crackers
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    Conversion Cheat Sheet

    that bloody fantastic but not sure on the potential alc table it looks as though the alc% is if it ferments to 1.000 or am i looking at it wrong, how does this work? bugger it, its still getting kept in the black book of crackers brewing. cheers crackers
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    Mashing Advice

    yeah i understand all that, i was originally going to use the bruheat bag instead of a manifold in the mash tun that didnt work, so i built a proper mash tun. my setup doesnt allow for that size mash at the moment so i was wondering if this would work in a converted keg with gas as this is the...
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    Mashing Advice

    reading one of jayse's recent posts he talked about not sparging his mash, but having enough mash liquor in the tun for the boil to start with, im assuming he heated up the mash before draniing to the boiler. now i dont have any way of incresing the temp of my mash as i do it in an esky, but i...
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    Flour Millflour Mill

    Bigfella, i use the porkett mill with no problems, i get an efficency of 70+% (which i'm pretty happy with) cheers crackers
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    Fermenter Taps (older Style)

    the only place i've seen them is on this website cheers crackers
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    Finally, A Keg Setup

    thanks guys, the keg did seal tightly under more pressure without the 5 cent piece. now another question, my recent brews have been about 20-23L. when i rack into my keg i have anywhere between 2-5L left. can i leave this in the cube & top up the keg after comsuming a similar amout? i dont...
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    Finally, A Keg Setup

    well guys, i added a bit of gas and it sealed the lid, not real tight, i can still push it down. i will try with the 5 cent piece tonight, that will probably do it. cheers crackers (still enjoying no bottles laying around)