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    Coopers Kits

    I find the real ale, the pale ale and the draught pretty similar (presuming same yeast, same adjuncts etc.). Though I find the bitter and the blonde quite different.
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    Bottle To Keg?

    XXXX will probably taste better oxidised anyway (ha ha ha).
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    Rehydrated Yeast Issue

    I could be wrong, but my understanding is that rehydration is simply that - the dry yeast is reabsorbing water. This process simply prevents damaging the yeast when it's added to the wort. The fact that the yeast absorbs water has little to do with whether the yeast is any good or not.
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    This Is C&c Distributing, In Ca. Usa, The Keg Guy.

    I'm in Wagga on Thursday and Friday this week (from Canberra). I'll try and get some pictures while I'm there.
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    Super 12 - 2005

    Bloody Reds - that was the only game I missed! Go the Brumbies!!
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    Priming With Brown Sugar Instead Of Dextrose

    Delete this post because what I said was stupid
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    Keg With Bung Hole

    The keg is barrel shaped so there would be heaps of deadspace if I was to lay the key on its side and use the end of the keg as an outlet.
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    Keg With Bung Hole

    Thanks for the replies everyone. An element is a good idea too. I guess my only concern would be that I'd need at least 30L in the keg to cover the element if it was installed through the bung hole.
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    Ebay Items

    For the serious kegger
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    Keg With Bung Hole

    That's a good idea. I'm specifically looking for advice as to how I could seal the bung hole. It would a good 30-40mm in diameter. Do I need to seal the bung hole? Do you think a bung would stay put?
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    Keg With Bung Hole

    I've got a keg like this one on ebay. Any suggestions on the best way to use it as a HLT / Boiler / Mash-tun? The bung hole being the main problem.
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    Wyeast Smack Pack Prob?

    Just to clarify, the yeast isn't dead, it's dormant. Tip almost all of the liquid off, whilst minimising the amount of yeast lost. Then, as the others have said, add a fresh starter.
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    Smoked Ale

    The ESB Belgian Smoked Ale is the most smoked kit I've tasted. I loved it, but a few of my mega swill friends thought bacon was one of the ingredients.
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    Oops! Coopers Stout

    There are lots of different ways to cool your fermenter. The wet towel method will only be effective if you have relatively low humidity and/or a fan blowing on the towels. The best method I've heard (without using refrigeration) is to place your fermenter in the laundry tub, fill it with...
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    Oops! Coopers Stout

    Often a result of high temperatures and lots of yeast. What temp are you fermenting at?