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  1. chook79

    RecipeDB - Little Fella's Pale Ale

    Dang, maybe I shouldn't have left it so late to brew.
  2. chook79

    Stir plate

    Has anyone heard how far off the next batch of V3 stirplates are? Seems that everyone is sold out of them at the moment and the LHB stores I've been calling/emailing don't have an ETA on when they'll be back on the shelves.
  3. chook79

    RecipeDB - Little Fella's Pale Ale

    Yes! Worked a treat mate, thanks a ton. Booked in to brew on the 100l nano brewery out at Home Make It in Clayton tomorrow morning, definitely needed to have the Beersmith file to help me upscale. Could see myself screwing something up majorly if I was just going off a printout of the screencap :D
  4. chook79

    RecipeDB - Little Fella's Pale Ale

    Legend, thanks mate. Did you have that one saved or am I going mad? I definitely still can't see it in beersmith haha.
  5. chook79

    RecipeDB - Little Fella's Pale Ale

    Sorry to do a three year bump guys, but the Beersmith file doesn't seem to work anymore and isn't showing up in a search on the site/app. On the off chance you still frequent these parts argon, would you have an update at all mate? As it so happens, my little fella is turning one in a month...
  6. chook79

    Isolating the freezer

    Haha, I logged in to ask the exact same question, great minds huh? It just seems such a waste of energy; granted it's only on when the thermostat kicks in but when I'm cold crashing it's a bunch of electricity being chewed up for nothing. Is it possible to cut a hole in the shelf between the...
  7. chook79

    Dog Days Clone

    Keen to see how you go with this, think I'll have a crack at something similar next weekend.