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    Inkbird giveaway and new thermostat ITC-306T wifi releasing !

    I would love to check this out and see how it goes.
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    Blue ISpindel

    Where are you located? I'm keen to buy both
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    Selling 2 x 12 Litre Kegs, Mount Hawthorn WA

    Super interested. But live in Sydney. Would you consider posting or I could get a mate to pick them up
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    If he doesn't want to put a price on it how are we to know
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    INKBIRD New Products Releasing 2018!!

    Fair bit cheaper too tho. Would be good to have as a backup that you always have clipped you your belt on brew days or bbq days. I'm lost without my thermo nowadays
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    INKBIRD IBT-6X Giveaway! Looking for suggestions for the Probes Combination

    A*4. C*2. The clip would be useful but looks like it could tend to break and 90° are sometimes hard to get into smoker
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    INKBIRD Special Promotion for BBQ Temperature Thermometer IBT-6X!

    Why didn't you have this promo when I was buying in July. I ended up buying 6 probes.
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    WTB: Heat mat & Temperature Controller

    The inkbird eBay store ships from Sydney. I got my Bluetooth thermometer super fast. Inkbird are also a sponsor of the forum.
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    WTB: Heat mat & Temperature Controller

    Bang for buck, if doing it again, that's what I'd buy. The stc1000 is a bit cheaper. But a lot more effort. And unless you are putting it underground I didn't find I needed a heating source unless it's winter
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    WTB: Heat mat & Temperature Controller

    Just get an inkbird 308. I have a spare stc1000 if you need one urgently
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    FS - 6x Rheem/Mytton Rodd Kegs - NSW

    Are these the standard 18L or the big 23L