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    Natural Gas Burner

    I have Natural Gas in my house but not down the back. I attached a valve to the pipe so I could access the gas. I was having trouble getting my kettle to boil in a timely manner so I decided to expand. Itinially I pulled apart some old gas water heaters and used the burners out of them(they...
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    Asbestos Replacement?

    I looked into getting some heat resistant sheets to put around my kettle to stop the flames and heat from getting to the valves and hoses... Anyway I can't remember the name of the company however I found quite a lot of suppliers in the yellow pages under heating/ heater supplies etc... give it...
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    Little Creatures Brewery On Landline

    wow what a hijak... wort why is it tha every time I read a post by you it seems to be negative... It makes for a very unpleasant read... Beer doesn't need to be styled on what others say it should be just what we beleive tastes good,unless your in marketing, and we use the ingrednts available...
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    Underletting With An Irda Pump

    Hi guys, I was wondering if you could explain underletting and its purpose
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    Mash Paddle Newsflash

    Beertime. The answer is yes....but what is the question you now need to ask? Seth out :P I am only new to this forum and while I am not sure what question I should ask, I do wonder what others get out bagging the crap out of other people who post here, there seems to be a lot of it going...
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    Mash Paddle Newsflash

    Am I missing something with the lighten up comments??
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    Mash Paddle Newsflash

    Is there a website where the upto date info is.
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    Soda Stream Adaptors - Differences

    I Gather from this you mean the ESB one doesn't work... If thats the case, maybe the pin in the end of the SS bottle is fitting into the hole in the adapter therefore sealing it.
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    Dip Tube Seals

    I am pretty sure if the square seal leaks it will only send co2 into the beer line with the beer and cause massve head
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    March Pump -plug Wiring

    Yes I think that might be it, seems so simple now... I also think the march pump creates a lot of these because of the shape of the impeller and the fact we slow the wort down with a valve while the pump stays at the same speed....The pump needs a clear cover so we can see. any thoughts on...
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    March Pump -plug Wiring

    well not really, I thought I read somewhere once that when the wort is being pumped around any stress the hot wort gets is called something. Stress could be from going around tight pipe bends or the like.
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    March Pump -plug Wiring

    Hi Dicko Thats true the impeller is magnetically driven and I also control the output via a valve on the outlet. However the impeller still runs at the same speed even though the wort is going slower. Do you know what the term is for the stresses wort. does anyone know if the pump can be...
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    March Pump -plug Wiring

    Just a little extra info, It shouldn't matter which way you wire it up as it is AC. The neatural and earth are joined in behind the swichboard of your house, so really they are the same... I also use a march pump and find them excellent, the only thng I wonder is how much air/turbulance is...
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    Iodophor Pitfalls

    I used it when I first started out brewing, I have also heard of the affects it has on stainless however I have not seen it. I don't use it anymore because I didn't like the way it stained my plastic fermenters. I use a product called Oxonia which is similar to the morgons product. (I can't...
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    All Grain Questions

    Thanks all for your replys, I hope they keep comming. I am slowley going through the other forum posts and I am sure there is a great deal of info out there and probably my questions have been answered somewhere else, however there is a lot of reading...I am getting there. I apprciate the time...