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  1. Propper Yeast

    Start up research help: Lock down idea - A pre-made yeast starter that saves the environment

    Hi all, great to be here. Im hoping you can help us out a bit. My buddy is a pro-brewer and we are looking for feedback on a lockdown idea we had. Sterile Yeast Starter /Rehydrator that's also Carbon Neutral and offsets all the co2 your homebrew will produce. Is there a market for this? Would...
  2. N

    Interested in a new way of testing beer?

    Hi Guys! , I'm part of a commercialization project at The University of Queensland (St Lucia Campus). Before you roll your eyes, I'm not trying to sell anything I promise, I'm just a student actually! I don't even have anything to sell lol. At the moment, we're looking into a new way of...