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  1. #bewlife

    Equipment For Sale 4 x 750l 304SS Tanks for Sale (SOLD)

    I have 4 x 750l 304SS tanks for sale. Had them manufactured in China and they just made it into the country 2 days before covid shut the borders. They have been under my house ever since and sadly its time to part with them as a microbrewery is no longer on the cards. Specs: 1.5mm thick 304...
  2. damof

    Brite/Bright Tank - Where?

    Hi guys, Recently got back into brewing earlier this year. After a very long hiatus. After dabbling in a few local markets and getting good feedback. Looking to step it up and offer my brews commercially. One thing that has got me stumped is where to get a decent brite/bright tank. So I am...