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  1. P

    WTS: SS Brew Tech Chronicals

    Hey All, Unfortunately my mates and I have scaled down our brewing and need to sell our old SS Brew Tech equipment. Looking at the current SSBT website I can see that their product line has changed over the years which is slightly different from what we purchased over 2 years ago. Please check...
  2. Ryno

    Selling 50L Commercial Style Keg with Screw In A-type Spear

    Hi fellow brewers I have 5x 50L commercial style stainless steel kegs for sale. I bought all of the kegs new from Keg King, so they are legitimate and not hacked. They all have a screw-in A-type spear which is compatible with the spears that Keg King sell. All of them are in great condition. I...
  3. benno1973

    FS: Perth - HLT, MT, Kettle and lots of brewing gear

    Having downgraded my brewing recently, I need to clear some space in the shed for other projects so am selling off a bunch of gear that I've collected over time. Plenty of stuff, everything you'd need to cobble together a 3V system, BIAB rig or a HERMS system. If you're interested in anything...