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second hand home brew kit

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  1. J

    Entry level coopers home brew kit $220

    Home brew kit. Coopers home brew kit. Extra fermenting tub Bottle tree Bottle capper Bottle brush Comes with loads of bottles. Pink stain remover and sanitiser solution Everything you need to make beer for the coming winter. 2x dark ale 1 x stout 1 x real ale. Use the next two weeks wisely...
  2. M

    SALE - Second Hand Brew Kit - $50 ONO

    SALE - Second Hand Home Brew Kit (Photos included!) Pick up - Collaroy, Sydney - ASAP $50 ONO Includes: 1 x brewing drum 2 x hydromiters 1 x bottle capping machine 2 x storage containers 85 x brown bottles (350ml) 9 x dark brown botties (350ml) 49 x green bottles (350ml) 5 x brown bottles...