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  1. V

    Sold Selling Up - from brewery to tap

    I am selling up my brewing supplies. First generation fermentasaurus Robobrew 3rd generation Robobrew 30 L urn Five kegs - four Mangrove Jacks and one Italian Kegking three tap fridge Small iKegger keg - I think it is 4 litres Two gas bottles - I think they are 2.6 and 6kg Two regulators Lots...
  2. d3vour3r

    Sold All-Grain setup - Kegland Robobrew and other equipment/gear/adjuncts

    Home brew gear as per list below. Always thoroughly cleaned after use. Selling as a complete lot. $450 Pickup Only from 4160. Itemised List: 35L Robobrew Stainless Steel Strainer Hop Spider 19L SS Pot 2200W element kegking thermometer Ball Valve 20L Cube 20L Bucket 15L Esky Cooler 5L...
  3. birusuki

    robobrew reliablility in 2019??

    I have been interested in a robobrew for a while, but always held back as I heard people having this problem or that. I live in Japan, and the seller is not an official seller so there is no warranty to speak of. And if something did go wrong it would all be out of my pocket, parts and shipping...
  4. R

    All Grain Bundle (Robobrew V1, Mashtun + more) [Melb-Inner West]

    I'm getting rid of some of my earlier homebrewing equipment. - Robobrew V1 (includes wort chiller, grain basket) - 15L Esky Mash Tun - Wooden Mash paddle - Large BIAB bag. Currently only selling as a bundle. Will consider seperating in a couple of weeks time. $100 for the lot. Pickup...
  5. sneakyseagull

    High OG

    Hi everyone, I seem to be getting higher OG than predicted, they're not excessive and the alcohol taste isnt over bearing but its pushing most of my beers up into the 5.5-6.5% ABV. I'm using a Robobrew and the brewersfriend app says id be running @ 85+% which i don't think is right. My...
  6. V

    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    so WEAL teased a R3 v Guten thread - here it is I’ve been using Robobrew V2 for eighteen months. Very happy overall. Two recent issues have caused me to start the dreaded process of should I or shouldn’t I. The rocker switch is loose, but still functional. The + temp button died a couple of...
  7. KegLand-com-au

    KegLands New Springvale Warehouse - Looking for Staff

    Are you looking for a job? We are looking for enthusiastic staff to join our growing team in Springvale. We are looking to fill two types of positions at the moment: 1. Customer service Need good communication skills Efficient at using computers and fast at typing Passionate about home...
  8. KegLand-com-au

    Single Vessel Brewing - RoboBrew 35L Gen 3

    Goodmorning Brewers, We thought it would be nice to take the opportunity to share some snippets of the new RoboBrew 35L gen3 which are about a month away from being available to purchase. There have been a big electronic main board change to a board with more functionality and customisation...
  9. ramo

    Thanks for the add newbie here!

    Looking to start my first ever brew, I've been doing some reading on homebrewing by dummies haha i think i might be ready for the first batch. Don't own any equipment and looking to get some feed back if i should go with a ALL in one vessel or 3- vessel system. I've been looking at GF and RB all...