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  1. WobblyBoot

    Keg fridge, kegs, gas, regulator, taps, guns, accessories - all gotta go!

    G'day legends, Well my business is going nuts - and until I work that out, I'm content to buy someone else's beer rather than make by own - so I'm selling up my whole home brew kit and caboodle: Westinghouse fridge with beer taps, font & tray $450 2 cornelius kegs $40 each 2 beer guns $25 each...
  2. T

    For Sale - Micromatic Secondary Regulator x 3

    I have three Micromatic secondary regulators for sale that I no longer have a use for. I am looking for $40 each or $110 for all three. Here is a link to where I bought them: http://www.nationalhomebrew.com.au/beer/kegging/other-co2-regulator-micromatic-secondary-regulator I'm in Newcastle...
  3. mnr81

    CO2 Regulator Adaptor (US style CGA320 to AU Type 30 threads)

    Hi Folks I have recently purchased a Co2 regulator from the US - the model is a Kegco KC 542. http://www.beveragefactory.com/draftbeer/regulator/double/premium_double_gauge_542.html Being new to kegging, I wasn't really conscious that these US regulators have a different valve (CGA320) than...
  4. A

    Keg Gear For Sale (HAMILTON QLD)

    I'm selling my keg gear that hasn't been used in years. 1 x 19L Corny keg (Will most likely need new seals) 1 x 6.8kg Mykegonlegs CO2 gas bottle (semi-full) 1 x Tesuco CO2 regulator (pretty sure it's the entry-level one) 1 x Temperature control unit. 1 x bronco tap The bronco tap is super...