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  1. Jeremy Bullock

    MyBrewbot Kick Starter

    MyBrewbot Next Generation KickStarter campaign. A completely redesigned circuit board, more efficient software and a new user interface enabling us to provide a future proofed fermentation control system. The new design doubles the number of probes, fermenters and profiles, adds a pressure...
  2. Jeremy Bullock

    Fermentation Telemetry for home brewers.

    Take control from your smartphone with MyBrewbot. All in one temperature control, data hub and fermentation monitor Ships Worldwide! Take control of your fermentation and cold storage temperatures and monitor your beer's fermentation progress online on your Smartphone from anywhere in the...
  3. garage_life

    SEQ sep 2017 water report

    Got my hands on this from urban utilities. It covers Brisbane and the surrounding regions. Any more local specific data with mineral profiles is not available through Urban Utilities. "Unfortunately, for this comprehensive summary, we don’t have it down to localised areas. This is an...