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  1. S

    Noticeable astringency caused by water in all my brews

    Hi, I've recently moved to Williamstown Victoria and I've noticed an astringent off flavour in all my beers so far. I need help to understand the problem and fix it. This is driving me crazy! I've narrowed the problem down to a water problem as I've been able to replicate the issue doing a...
  2. UnannouncedMole

    Burnt vegetables and rubber flavour?

    Hey, Brewing an English style Ale. I'm only at day two of fermentation and was adding some dry hops. I decided to have a sneaky taste (used a pipette). The flavours I got were as described above, burnt vegetable and rubber taste. Is this normal during fermentation, and will go away with time...
  3. J

    Off taste after I keg and carbonate please help

    i have done 4 fresh wort kits all have ended up having the same off flavour after I keg the beer and thought it may be something in my fermenting process or sanitary problems, my mate is a professional brewer and has been helping me, after these failed attempts he gave me a keg of pale ale...