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  1. C

    Sold Malthouse looking for worker(s) Adelaide SA

    Hi all Im seeking a self-motivated, capable and fastidious person to work in my "micro" malthouse. The malthouse is capable of producing 50kg of malt a week. I am conducting research in old-world barley varieties. You need to have an ABN and will be paid by the hour. Work is part time and may...
  2. House of Malt

    House of Malt - New Craft Malthouse selling to Homebrewers

    Hi everyone, We are a brand new Craft Malthouse based in Ballarat, Victoria. We are mainly focused on Craft Brewers, but want to make our malts available direct to Home Brewers as well! We do (very) small batches (500kg) on our floor malting system. As we are starting out, our products will...