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  1. P

    Blonde Ale with Kveik yeast - which strain is best?

    Hi all Wishing everyone a Happy New Year. Seeing as the hot weather in Perth is set to continue all week and I have drank myself completely out of beer over the holiday period I have decided to dip my toe in and try brewing a kveik blonde ale. Taking a look at my LHBS website I can see that...
  2. Ronwales

    Kveik no krausen

    im using labmans kveik for the first time in a xpa recipe starting gravity 1.050. I didn't use any nutrient and have no krausen on day 4 . Should i add yeast energizer to kick start it?
  3. Jeremy Bullock

    Kveik - what goes on in your fermentation fridge?

    Have you ever wondered how the new 'wonder yeast' Kviek performs in your fermentation fridge. Well, we made a brew and monitored the life out of it to find out. Here at MyBrewbot we thought we would have a look at what goes on in the fermentation fridge after you’ve pitched. We found some...