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  1. Osensei

    Brewferm Kriek - Cherry Beer

    Hi there, I was wondering if any of you ever brewed the Brewferm Cherry Beer kit? I researched on the Web and on this site and found very little information about it. I’m really tempted to try it and have a few questions as to what to brew it with: LME vs DME, hops if any, boil or no-boil...
  2. Only1MADMaN

    Coopers Lager (Lager Beer Review)

    Coopers DIY Lager Kit If anyone is familiar with my last brew review, I taste test a Brigalow’s Apple Cider But today I’m taking you through my steps for brewing a Coopers Lager that comes with the Coopers DIY...
  3. T

    Final Gravity is too high on a Kit Pale Ale

    Hey guys, There is a few different posts all over the internet with a similar story, but there is a bunch of varied answers o thought I'd put mine out there. I have a Pale Ale Kit (not Coopers) fermenting. It has been about 10 days now, and the OG was 1.043, and now it seems to have settled at...
  4. N

    selling homebrew BIAB Kit @ 50%, used twice

    Hi brewers, selling my BIAB kit for Au. $100 (all items already @ 50% off) for pickup from Kingsford. Used literally twice (image below) with the following items - Therm strip - 2 x 5L glass Demijohns - 2 Fliptop stoppers for Demijohns - 2 Bored bungs - 2 Airlocks - Bottle brush - 12...
  5. Lachlan Helbig

    PoR hop tea question

    Hey fellas, Planning in brewing a lager with a Morgans Blue Mountian Lager kit and a can of morgans extra pale master malt. As well as this, I'm steeping about 300g of Carapils and using Morgans premium lager yeast. Now I've seen that people often use hop teas with this kit, and I'd like to...