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  1. vk4akp

    Kegarator X 4Tap Build (Will it ever happen?)

    Hi guys, so new here. I have finally decided to bite the bullet and go from bottling to kegging. I have looked at a few suppliers and have decided (Unless persuaded otherwise) to go with an online @KegLand-com-au order. I have a few generic questions but probably the biggest one is... Will...
  2. R

    Grand Deluxe Kegerator

    Hi all, Posting to see what people's experiences are with the Grand Deluxe. There are the two versions out at the moment and I am looking at Kegland's Grand Deluxe 3 (12 keg) or the Keg-King GD150. Are these the same models through different retailers? Is there a recommendation or consensus on...
  3. KegLand-com-au

    All About Canning - Cannular Can Seamers and More...

    I thought it was about time we had a specific thread about can seamers. We recently released this new can seamer called the Cannular Can Seamer. We also just published a video on this new type of seamer here: So we though it would be a good idea to have a thread all about how to use these...
  4. KegLand-com-au

    Micro, Mini Keg Tap, Portable Keg Systems, for BBQ, Camping, Travel

    As you might know we have been selling our own mini kegs for some time now and we also just finished these mini keg parkas. We basically eventually want to have the best possible solution for a portable small keg system and we wanted to talk to you guys about this. Recently we just invented...
  5. KegLand-com-au

    KegLands New Springvale Warehouse - Looking for Staff

    Are you looking for a job? We are looking for enthusiastic staff to join our growing team in Springvale. We are looking to fill two types of positions at the moment: 1. Customer service Need good communication skills Efficient at using computers and fast at typing Passionate about home...
  6. KegLand-com-au

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    This thread is because we have been getting some questions from our customers and often we are answering the same questions to multiple different people and perhaps the more efficient way to handle these questions is through a public forum. Also as we feel that we have a team of staff with a...
  7. KegLand-com-au

    Single Vessel Brewing - RoboBrew 35L Gen 3

    Goodmorning Brewers, We thought it would be nice to take the opportunity to share some snippets of the new RoboBrew 35L gen3 which are about a month away from being available to purchase. There have been a big electronic main board change to a board with more functionality and customisation...
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