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  1. U

    Advice on All Grain equipment

    G'day Brewers! I'm looking to make the leap from extract brewing to all grain brewing as well as increasing the overall volume that I'm brewing and I'm looking for some advice on the right kind of brewing gear to get. I think I've got a handle on the fermenters and the fermentation process as...
  2. C

    New BOC 'Fill for Less' Offer ... now worth it!?! ... if you Sodastream

    Hi all Just letting you know of a new deal with BOC that may work for some, especially if you're in a country town like me that's an hour away from a home brew shop that does refills. [BTW: I've no vested interest in BOC. Skip the 'long story' if you want and go to the 'short story' if...
  3. J

    Help: hops blocking liquid post

    I’ve just kegged the G&G NEIPA FWK a couple of weeks ago and when I tried to sample it today, I found that the keg liquid post is blocking with hop matter. I’m using the coil-spring type ball-lock poppets (replaced them recently) and they tend to catch a build up of hops pretty quickly. This...
  4. mr_wibble

    Leaking keg: gas pipe wont seal

    So I had this leaking keg. Gas was coming out underneath the gas post. I pulled out the pipe, replaced the o-ring, re-lubed, put it back together ... still leaking. I tried a new post ... still leaking. I swapped the gas pipe in from another keg. Leak stops. Thus, it must have been the...
  5. A

    Hello and some questions about kegging

    This is my first post here. I've had an account for a while and mainly just lurked here. I do fairly simple BIAB style smash ales and my last one was with 2017 Galaxy hops + Pilsner malt. Next brew I plan to use up some cluster hops that I've had for probably a bit too long. I'm based in...
  6. Schikitar

    Another Kegging (for a beginner) Thread

    Hey guys, So I'm getting pretty sick of cleaning bottles and I'm also getting dissatisfied with oxidising my beers. I like the convenience of bottles but I'm thinking I could of course use one of those pressure cap doobies to accommodate for those times when I take beer offsite. The main...
  7. mkstalen

    Non return valves

    I've recently noticed a little beer in my gas lines, which got me thinking about non-return valves. But forking out $25-30 each for the ones on Craftbrewer don't really appeal to me as I'll need 3, and considering I just bought a Robobrew I don't really want to drop $90 on valves. I did find...
  8. P

    Blichmann Beer Gun

    Hello everyone, I have a Blichmann beer gun for sale. It's in good condition, has a new rubber tip, and comes with hoses, joins and a ball-lock fitting, Photos attached. It's a great piece of kit, but I am clearing out my brew gear and it hasn't been used for ages. $100 ONO, pickup from...