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  1. C

    New BOC 'Fill for Less' Offer ... now worth it!?! ... if you Sodastream

    Hi all Just letting you know of a new deal with BOC that may work for some, especially if you're in a country town like me that's an hour away from a home brew shop that does refills. [BTW: I've no vested interest in BOC. Skip the 'long story' if you want and go to the 'short story' if...
  2. J

    Help: hops blocking liquid post

    I’ve just kegged the G&G NEIPA FWK a couple of weeks ago and when I tried to sample it today, I found that the keg liquid post is blocking with hop matter. I’m using the coil-spring type ball-lock poppets (replaced them recently) and they tend to catch a build up of hops pretty quickly. This...
  3. mr_wibble

    Leaking keg: gas pipe wont seal

    So I had this leaking keg. Gas was coming out underneath the gas post. I pulled out the pipe, replaced the o-ring, re-lubed, put it back together ... still leaking. I tried a new post ... still leaking. I swapped the gas pipe in from another keg. Leak stops. Thus, it must have been the...
  4. A

    Hello and some questions about kegging

    This is my first post here. I've had an account for a while and mainly just lurked here. I do fairly simple BIAB style smash ales and my last one was with 2017 Galaxy hops + Pilsner malt. Next brew I plan to use up some cluster hops that I've had for probably a bit too long. I'm based in...
  5. Schikitar

    Another Kegging (for a beginner) Thread

    Hey guys, So I'm getting pretty sick of cleaning bottles and I'm also getting dissatisfied with oxidising my beers. I like the convenience of bottles but I'm thinking I could of course use one of those pressure cap doobies to accommodate for those times when I take beer offsite. The main...
  6. mkstalen

    Non return valves

    I've recently noticed a little beer in my gas lines, which got me thinking about non-return valves. But forking out $25-30 each for the ones on Craftbrewer don't really appeal to me as I'll need 3, and considering I just bought a Robobrew I don't really want to drop $90 on valves. I did find...
  7. P

    Blichmann Beer Gun

    Hello everyone, I have a Blichmann beer gun for sale. It's in good condition, has a new rubber tip, and comes with hoses, joins and a ball-lock fitting, Photos attached. It's a great piece of kit, but I am clearing out my brew gear and it hasn't been used for ages. $100 ONO, pickup from...