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  1. P

    Storage of Gas Bottles

    Hi there, New member here - hopefully I'll be picking your minds on the brewing side of things in the coming months. But for the moment, I'm planning the installation of a kegerator in my outdoor kitchen. Can anyone tell me if there are any safety issues with storing a 2.6kg CO2 bottle and...
  2. P

    Sold Brewzilla, Fermzilla, Series X Fridge/Kegerator, Corny Kegs and Misc

    Selling all my brewing equipment as I’m no longer brewing and moving with no space to store it. Most of the equipment was bought new from Kegland in 2021 and has had light use with approximately 20 brews in total. I would prefer to sell as a package, I'm located in Camperdown, NSW 2050. Looking...
  3. S

    Equipment For Sale SOLD-Keezer and brewing gear

    Keezer 3 Taps, will fit 3-4 kegs Getting out of home brewing so selling as a package. No expense spared all top-quality components used, ready to go nothing else is required Westinghouse chest freezer was purchased new for the build (most likely still has warranty if I can find the receipt ) Was...
  4. J

    Equipment For Sale Kegerator for Sale - Sydney

    Equipment for Sale: With limited space in my garage, I am downsizing & I need to make space. 2 Tap Kegerator, 163 litre capacity with newly purchased SS shank for the taps. All that is needed is a CO2 cylinder & tubing to get up & running. Kegerator (Beer Keg Cooler), model BF-173 is four...
  5. vk4akp

    Kegarator X 4Tap Build (Will it ever happen?)

    Hi guys, so new here. I have finally decided to bite the bullet and go from bottling to kegging. I have looked at a few suppliers and have decided (Unless persuaded otherwise) to go with an online @KegLand-com-au order. I have a few generic questions but probably the biggest one is... Will...
  6. U

    Keg fridge, kegs, gas, regulator, taps, guns, accessories - all gotta go!

    G'day legends, Well my business is going nuts - and until I work that out, I'm content to buy someone else's beer rather than make by own - so I'm selling up my whole home brew kit and caboodle: Westinghouse fridge with beer taps, font & tray $450 2 cornelius kegs $40 each 2 beer guns $25 each...
  7. D

    Selling my keezer

    Sadly I'm selling my beloved keezer. This thing can fit 4 corny kegs inside and a 20L container for drip tray runoffs. For easy mobility it's on casters that are recessed with a 7mm ground clearance so you wouldn't even know it's on wheels by looking at it. The top surface contains a bunch of...
  8. C

    New BOC 'Fill for Less' Offer ... now worth it!?! ... if you Sodastream

    Hi all Just letting you know of a new deal with BOC that may work for some, especially if you're in a country town like me that's an hour away from a home brew shop that does refills. [BTW: I've no vested interest in BOC. Skip the 'long story' if you want and go to the 'short story' if...
  9. K

    Keg King Kegerator (Not Working) - Free - Sydney

    We have a Keg King Kegerator in the garage at work that doesn't work anymore. When it was put into the garage it chilled down a bit (but not all the way) but now when you plug the power in there is just a continuous beep sound and "EE" displayed on the control panel. I don't have the time to...
  10. B

    Ball Lock Disconnects on Tap Shanks?

    Hi everyone, it has been a while since I've posted here. The kids have kept me from my favourite hobby - brewing! But I'm back at it again and looking to make some upgrades to my set up. I love the modular nature of using push-in connections for my beer and gas line connections. But I keep...
  11. KegLand-com-au

    KegLands New Springvale Warehouse - Looking for Staff

    Are you looking for a job? We are looking for enthusiastic staff to join our growing team in Springvale. We are looking to fill two types of positions at the moment: 1. Customer service Need good communication skills Efficient at using computers and fast at typing Passionate about home...
  12. B

    Keg King Kegerator with 5 kegs and more

    COMPLETE BEER DISPENSING SETUP!! Sadly I have depart from my beer fridge guess to new house and circumstances. It's an older keg king model but I've always kept it neat and it runs great with some great modifications. ( Electrician by trade) INFO Beer fridge which hold 3 kegs up for sale. It...
  13. B

    Chronical in a kegerator

    Hi, The Series 4 Kegerators are about 89cm in height and I think 85cm internal height? I was wondering if anyone has any experience with putting a chronical inside a kegerator and if they fit? The SS brewtech is 84 with the dome shaped lid and I assume maybe, 5 cm? smaller with the flat. I'd...
  14. D

    50l beer fridge - kegerator

    General question to those out there that have made their own 50l keg beer fridge. I'm wanting to get a fridge or freeze and convert it to cool down a 50l keg I already have a keg king kegerator but need another fridge. A general single cavity fridge or freezer would do the trick, but most are...
  15. S

    Complete setup FS - Picobrew, kegerator, etc.

    [Edit: SOLD!] I'm moving to the US and can't take this stuff with me. Here's the list: [price when new] item [2800] Picobrew Zymatic (including 1 corny keg, all parts and a few spares), new 07/15, used <1 yr [500] Kegerator with 3 taps and digital temp control (Pinnacle; 4 yrs old, used 2.5...
  16. stevonz

    FS BNE Southside - Kegerator $250

    I have upgraded to a new kegerator so this keg fridge is up for grabs. Fisher & Paykel fridge/ freezer which I have had since new. Easily fits 4 x corny kegs or 2 x fermenters and a corny. Includes: - 2 x taps... 1 x swing type and the other is a Celli with flow control. - John Guest beer...
  17. S

    Kegerator pouring issues

    Hi, I recently got a keg king series 3 kegerator, and im having a bit of an issue getting a perfect pour. im running a 3.5m 5mm line to a 2 tap font sitting about 1.5m from the centre of my keg. Just bought a font fan and this has dramatically improved the pouring of the beer. Ive tried vaious...