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  1. V

    Sold Selling Up - from brewery to tap

    I am selling up my brewing supplies. First generation fermentasaurus Robobrew 3rd generation Robobrew 30 L urn Five kegs - four Mangrove Jacks and one Italian Kegking three tap fridge Small iKegger keg - I think it is 4 litres Two gas bottles - I think they are 2.6 and 6kg Two regulators Lots...
  2. C

    WTB :Mini keg set up

    Starting brewing, and already I'm tired of bottles. Anyone got a mini keg set up that they want to get rid of? Ideally, 4 or 5 litre and mini gauge to use with soda stream May also be interested in a corny and a co2 regulator
  3. C

    Bittering in the keg?

    Howdy, I accidently used 1/2 amount of the bittering hops I should have in an oatmeal stout a couple months ago. I thought it might be fine but since kegging I've had a few tastes and it's a no go. Too sweet and malty (not in a good way) . Is there any way to bitter a beer that's finished...
  4. T

    Esky/cooler, kegs, urn trade for beer NEWCASTLE

    As per pictures The 50L kegs have holes so aren't really good for holding any liquid in them unfortunately but could make a good fire pit/bbq/smoker etc. Cooler is in good condition comes with some good SS fittings (1/2" bspp). The urn is an old tea urn, I have never used but looks to have...
  5. S

    Refill 50L Keg

    Ive done some searching but nothing answered this question. Where can i get a 50L keg (Commercial or not) refilled with (insert any beer name here) in South Australia. For example if i wanted West End or Coopers or any type of beer. Cheers Scott
  6. Ryno

    Selling 50L Commercial Style Keg with Screw In A-type Spear

    Hi fellow brewers I have 5x 50L commercial style stainless steel kegs for sale. I bought all of the kegs new from Keg King, so they are legitimate and not hacked. They all have a screw-in A-type spear which is compatible with the spears that Keg King sell. All of them are in great condition. I...
  7. Schikitar

    Another Kegging (for a beginner) Thread

    Hey guys, So I'm getting pretty sick of cleaning bottles and I'm also getting dissatisfied with oxidising my beers. I like the convenience of bottles but I'm thinking I could of course use one of those pressure cap doobies to accommodate for those times when I take beer offsite. The main...
  8. D

    50l beer fridge - kegerator

    General question to those out there that have made their own 50l keg beer fridge. I'm wanting to get a fridge or freeze and convert it to cool down a 50l keg I already have a keg king kegerator but need another fridge. A general single cavity fridge or freezer would do the trick, but most are...
  9. K

    Massive brewery sale - SS Brewtech, PID, HERMS, Mash tun, kegs etc

    Hi everyone, I am selling off all my brew gear. Struggling for time mixed with other priorities. I have photos of everything taken today, just ask if you need more details. Everything is sold as-is. I can post, but buyer covers all postage costs and I can only post on weekends. Express post...
  10. Pugdog1


    Hi guys, I'm sure most of you have probably seen this floating around the internet but for those of you who haven't ikegger just did a nifty little video of a keg bar fridge with low modifications required using the mini kegs, be awesome if beerkat did a kit for this ;) Cheers, pug
  11. A

    Keg Gear For Sale (HAMILTON QLD)

    I'm selling my keg gear that hasn't been used in years. 1 x 19L Corny keg (Will most likely need new seals) 1 x 6.8kg Mykegonlegs CO2 gas bottle (semi-full) 1 x Tesuco CO2 regulator (pretty sure it's the entry-level one) 1 x Temperature control unit. 1 x bronco tap The bronco tap is super...
  12. S

    Kegerator pouring issues

    Hi, I recently got a keg king series 3 kegerator, and im having a bit of an issue getting a perfect pour. im running a 3.5m 5mm line to a 2 tap font sitting about 1.5m from the centre of my keg. Just bought a font fan and this has dramatically improved the pouring of the beer. Ive tried vaious...