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  1. Wobbly74

    Equipment For Sale [MELB] Keezer / beer fridge for sale

    Hi all - I’ve moved on to a more missus compatible upright fridge that’s acceptable inside the house, so my old Keezer is up for grabs. Easily holds 5 corny’s plus more space for 4/5/10 litre mini kegs as well. She’s not a looker but works really well with an integrated inkbird controller. I’ve...
  2. S

    Equipment For Sale SOLD-Keezer and brewing gear

    Keezer 3 Taps, will fit 3-4 kegs Getting out of home brewing so selling as a package. No expense spared all top-quality components used, ready to go nothing else is required Westinghouse chest freezer was purchased new for the build (most likely still has warranty if I can find the receipt ) Was...
  3. D

    Selling my keezer

    Sadly I'm selling my beloved keezer. This thing can fit 4 corny kegs inside and a 20L container for drip tray runoffs. For easy mobility it's on casters that are recessed with a 7mm ground clearance so you wouldn't even know it's on wheels by looking at it. The top surface contains a bunch of...
  4. C

    New BOC 'Fill for Less' Offer ... now worth it!?! ... if you Sodastream

    Hi all Just letting you know of a new deal with BOC that may work for some, especially if you're in a country town like me that's an hour away from a home brew shop that does refills. [BTW: I've no vested interest in BOC. Skip the 'long story' if you want and go to the 'short story' if...
  5. D

    Selling everything

    Sadly I need to sell all of my brewing equipment as I'll be moving to an apartment in the city. I've listed my keezer on gumtree, link below. 3v electric herms 50L rig. Details and pictures to come. All of my other brewing...
  6. B

    Ball Lock Disconnects on Tap Shanks?

    Hi everyone, it has been a while since I've posted here. The kids have kept me from my favourite hobby - brewing! But I'm back at it again and looking to make some upgrades to my set up. I love the modular nature of using push-in connections for my beer and gas line connections. But I keep...
  7. Clevohead

    Tassie Kit Brewer

    Hi All, I am from Tassie, a couple of mates and I have been home brewing for the last 7 years, we bottle 3x brews per week on average while also running our still in the background making our own spirits. We have a wood fired hot water and bottle washer system allowing us to wash and sterilise...
  8. Lowlyf

    WTB Bris - Keezer/Chest Freezer

    Mainly looking at an old chest freezer someone might be flogging off for cheap in order to ferment in. If its already a keezer with kegs I'm happy to have a gander and twist the wifes arm. Cheers