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immersion chiller

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  1. G

    Immersion Chiller SS 15m 1/2" with fittings

    Stainless Steel Immersion Chiller. Specs: 15m length 1/2" pipe diameter Copper compression fittings Gardena hose fittings. This plumbs straight up to garden hose with click fittings. Super convenient with no leaks. I've used it a few times but have recently upgraded my whole brewing system and...
  2. Aether

    Fermenter Chilling Coil

    Hi All, I have searched multiple forums for a solution to my quandary, but haven't had much luck. I have a very limited space available for my brewing activities and therefore can't have a fermenting freezer/fridge. Conveniently, where my setup is located is at the back of a very large garage...
  3. S

    Triple Helix immersion chiller

    I got inspired by the reported performance of the JaDeD Hydra wort chillers that are available in the US. Unfortunately the shipping cost makes them prohibitively expensive here. I built a wort chiller based on similar principles to the JaDeD unit, but with some key differences. I documented...
  4. vonSchlapper

    Chill then whirlpool or whirlpool then chill?

    Hi all, Huge apologies if this is a stupid question, or if it’s been asked a billion times before, but... Should I chill my wort (immersion chiller) then get it spinning to whirlpool the trub and the cold-break material or will spinning it after chilling re-suspend the cold-break? The...