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  1. S

    IKegger for forced carbonation?

    G'day all, I was at my homebrew shop the other day inquiring about carbonating my small brew ciders and mead. In particular I was interested in carbonating 4-5 litres and thought that the IKegger might be the way to go. My guy reckoned that the IKegger and similar brands wouldn't carbonate so...
  2. KegLand-com-au

    Micro, Mini Keg Tap, Portable Keg Systems, for BBQ, Camping, Travel

    As you might know we have been selling our own mini kegs for some time now and we also just finished these mini keg parkas. We basically eventually want to have the best possible solution for a portable small keg system and we wanted to talk to you guys about this. Recently we just invented...