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  1. Stu Brew

    Hops Rhizome Release 2024

    Slow start to the rhizome season. Raining a lot now its hit June so ill be digging for the next few weeks at least. Most varieties are up already with a few stragglers i havent got to yet. 1000s of Rhizomes sold over the last 8 years. We sell quality rhizomes so you have the best chance of...
  2. Stu Brew

    Rhizome/Bulk Rhizome Availability 2023

    G'day everyone. Here for my yearly post. Rhizomes pre orders started a few weeks ago. Orders have been pretty solid. Hoping to start shipping out next week. This year we will have rhizomes of the following. Centennial Cascade Jakes Gold Hallertau M Dr Rudi Columbus Chinook Target...