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  1. Edd Mather 6

    Bentley`s Bitter Ale 1896 !!

    Hi All , Here`s a nice (Victorian) session bitter for you lucky mashers to go at ,and yes , I`ve put the equivalent metric temperature use values in there as well ! . I hope that you enjoy the recipe , I`d love pics of the finished thing . Re Water & Liquor treatment , a good hard water profile...
  2. Edd Mather 6

    Historic Brewing records up to 1955

    Hi , I`m a UK based brewer and brewing historian , looking for any photos of old Aussie brewing records (pre 1955 - 60) to balance the content of my book on historical brewing , I`d be happy to trade recipies for pics , and if any of you want any historic recipies from the uk , the list below is...