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  1. marksy

    Clearing out bottles

    Hey members, I've got a ton of bottles I'm getting rid of. Long necks, stubbies and in between. A mix of crowns and twist tops. ### FREE TO GOOD HOME ### I have a few more boxes and milk creates under the house full of more long necks too!!! Pick up in Berowra (North side of Sydney)...
  2. Rudweiser

    Giveaway / moving overseas (Richmond, VIC)

    I'm moving overseas and need to get rid of some of my brewing gear! These items are free to a good home (photos below): 57x 650ml brown PET Coopers bottles with 48 caps (some unused) 1x newer style Coopers 25L fermenter, complete with snap on tap, stick on thermometer, lid and kreusen collar...
  3. D

    Free Grolsh swing top bottles. Sydney Northern Beaches

    Hi all, I have been instructed to get rid of bottles I am no longer using to make space in the garage. I have approximately 80 of the 475ml Grolsh swing top bottles & 2x 1.5 litre bottles. Free to whoever wants them.