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  1. M

    Apricot wine issues

    Hi, I decided to give apricot wine a go after finding our tree produced more fruit than could be freshly eaten, dried or made into jam. Previously I've only made spirits from fruit like plums, but after hearing apricot wine was a thing I though I'd give it a go. Unfortunately it appears I've...
  2. D

    RO water filter recommendation

    Hey All Hopefully i am not doubling up with this question but i am looking to purchase a RO water filter to fit to my outside lawn tap. I have looked on Ebay for one and there are a few different types and they vary alot in price. What do you guys recommend? How many stages do you require for...
  3. M

    Filtering Wines/Ciders

    Hi all. So my girlfriend has a yeast allergy, so she can't drink most of the stuff at liquor stores, which is why I started making homebrew, in the hopes that I could make some yeast free drinks for her. I know that yeast is crucial for making alcohol, but we found a mead and a cider that she...
  4. fletcher

    gold coast water filtration

    moved up from sydney - check. got a new job - check. bought and moved into a new house - check. most furniture and other setup crap getting sorted - check. finally about to get back into brewing again! i'm considering a few options for filtration of my water for kitchen/drinking AND brewing...