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  1. Elad

    Equipment For Sale 3 vessel grain brewing system for sale

    30 litre stainless steel 3 vessel grain brewing system complete on the stand. Includes 30 litre Mash tun with Blichmann auto sparge, heavy three-layer base. 30ltr Boiler, with an internal heavy three-layer base. 20Ltr 240v Hot water boiler concealed element with the internal coil to control...
  2. crazy dee

    Equipment For Sale Grainfather G30 AND Brand new Grainfather S40

    Selling my trusty Grainfather G30 & a Brand new Grainfather S40. The G30 comes with with a 1 year old connect Bluetooth controller, recirc filter & has had the pipe/recirc hose/counterflow chiller connectors converted to camlock. Pump head was also replaced recently. System is in perfect...
  3. trq

    Equipment For Sale Herms Brewhouse for Sale (Ettalong Beach)

    HERMS Brewhouse for sale $1800 - happy to entertain offers, but at this stage I don't want to split it up. Includes: 90L Brew Kettle (2200w element + voltage controller) 50L Mash (false bottom) 50L HLT (2200w element + plus controller with temp probe) A hand held element (1200-1500w, things...