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  1. B

    Malleys Gas fired Copper - going cheap

    Hi Brewhounds I have an old Malleys Gas-fired copper which I pulled out during a recent renovation. It has the gas ring in the base, and was set up for natural gas. It needs a clean up, and probably a bit of TLC before you can use it. $75 bucks or best offer.. Also have an inversion chiller...
  2. stevonz

    FS Mash Tun esky and immersion chill coil BNE

    Homemade mash tun: Coleman 40-50 litre esky with 1/2” ball valve and copper filter. Handles came off on last brew. Average condition on outside. Good condition on inside as always immaculately sanitised after each use. Homemade copper immersion chill coil. I’ve never used it as I no chill into...
  3. S

    Triple Helix immersion chiller

    I got inspired by the reported performance of the JaDeD Hydra wort chillers that are available in the US. Unfortunately the shipping cost makes them prohibitively expensive here. I built a wort chiller based on similar principles to the JaDeD unit, but with some key differences. I documented...