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    Expression of Interest in Splitting Assorted 25kg Best Malz Sacks Coburg Melbourne

    I want to buy a few different Best Malz speciality malts, however 25kg is a touch too much for me. I would be happy to keep 5 - 15kg from each sack so I am looking for anyones interested in taking parts of the remaining 10 - 20kg per sack? At this point I am looking at purchasing: Best Malz...
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    Pilsner: Joe White vs BestMalz/Weyermann

    Recently I had a misfortune of scorched beer (https://aussiehomebrewer.com/threads/recovering-after-scorching.97341/), and while I was polishing the heating element with soda bicarb tonight, I thought of something else. For two years on that system I didn't have a single scorched beer. The last...