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  1. Robsnewin

    Equipment For Sale Bar and biab brewery for sale. $2,000 neg - Now dropped to $1000

    I'm selling my bar and all brewing gear. Bar has 5 taps, 9 beer kegs and 1 line cleaner keg. So 95L on tap with 76L in reserve. Everything is in excellent working order. Brewery will come in pieces so you can make your own but I'm happy to explain how I had it working.  Bar 300L chest freezer...
  2. D

    Selling my keezer

    Sadly I'm selling my beloved keezer. This thing can fit 4 corny kegs inside and a 20L container for drip tray runoffs. For easy mobility it's on casters that are recessed with a 7mm ground clearance so you wouldn't even know it's on wheels by looking at it. The top surface contains a bunch of...
  3. D

    Selling everything

    Sadly I need to sell all of my brewing equipment as I'll be moving to an apartment in the city. I've listed my keezer on gumtree, link below. 3v electric herms 50L rig. Details and pictures to come. All of my other brewing...