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  1. d3vour3r

    Sold All-Grain setup - Kegland Robobrew and other equipment/gear/adjuncts

    Home brew gear as per list below. Always thoroughly cleaned after use. Selling as a complete lot. $450 Pickup Only from 4160. Itemised List: 35L Robobrew Stainless Steel Strainer Hop Spider 19L SS Pot 2200W element kegking thermometer Ball Valve 20L Cube 20L Bucket 15L Esky Cooler 5L...
  2. B

    Dark Mild - should I use sugar syrup?

    Hi Aussies, One of my all time fave beers is Brains Dark Mild, from Cardiff, Wales, where I failed to do well at uni thanks to see above. From what I can gather, Brains Dark and other milds of its ilk use invert sugar at some low percentage. Obviously brewing a low alcohol ale (3-3.5%) you run...