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    Two fermenters in one fermentation fridge

    You can build a stand from 19mm ply that will sit in side the fridge, or if your cashed up, stainless steel works well.
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    Anyone done 2x50L kegerator/keezer?

    I think you'll have fun lifting the 50L kegs into the keezer!!
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    I made a rookie mistake

    If you put 2kg of sugars in a 23lt wort, then i would also suggest doubling the amount of yeast to the mix, your single yeast addition might run out of steam before you finish fermenting, once you finished fermenting with extra yeast you should have dealt with sweet taste, and if bottling...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    You will still need gas to push the beer into glasses.
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    Pilsner No Fermentation

    WLP800 has turned out to be sequenced and found to actually be a cerevisiae yeast, so it's an ale not a pastorianus/lager yeast. Probably explains why it's slow at lager temperatures compared with other lager yeast, and has that big top-fermenting style krausen...Jul 31, 2007
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    When you boil mash you need to boil at 82-83 and maintain that temp, after taking your fore tails (which makes you go blind), any thing over the 82-83 threshold means your now into the after tails, and this is the stuff the damages livers, this is the reason why you don't just boil.
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    The Corona Virus (COVID 19) Thread

    I have been lead to believe that Australia doesn't import toilet paper. It's all made here. Good opportunity to support local jobs, so crap away people!!
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    Anyone Built A Woodfired Pizza Oven

    G'day You can go to this site, I built the one he designed prior to this more than 10 years ago, this design he reckons you only need to cut a few bricks, he sells his designs for around $10, they come with photos, diagrams and detailed notes, plus advice on where to scrounge materials for the...
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    Smoking Meat...

    Nice Job.
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    Dedicated Grainfather Guide, Problems and Solutions Thread

    Go to David heaths blog page and look at his modifications to his Grainfather system. should solve most of your problems.
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    New Aussie Brewer

    Regarding what temp to ferment at, different yeast like to ferment at different temps, let the instructions on the packet be your guide!
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    2019 Hop Plantations

    G'day SilasM, Trim vine from rhizomes, using a spade slice of a section of around 5cm X 8cm rhizome roots and all & place in zip lock bags with a little saw dust, place in veggie bin in fridge until you are ready to plant. Do this as many times as you you need plants.
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    Reducing foaming during heat

    If it's just the first class, keep the class in the keezer or even a colder fridge
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    robobrew reliablility in 2019??

    David loves his Grainfather, he may have some relationship with the manufacturer, but he did a comparison with Grainfather & Robobrew 35, and he really could see anything wrong with the Robobrew 35, he has even been in contact with Kegland and bought parts that are for the Robo to place in his...
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    Reducing foaming during heat

    Do you have a fan that sends cold air up the font tower?, that would be your first beer!