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    IBT-2X Giveaway of inkbird meat thermometer

    Be good for the Christmas ham this year, so I';m in
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    A bloody disgrace

    Another government SNAFU
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    Equipment For Sale 3 Co2 bottles

    Bottles will require inspection and certification before anyone will refill them as 2 of them are over 10 years old and the third one isn't far off it.
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    Inkbird Temp controller ITC-308 wifi Giveaway + Discount sales

    Put me in, currently running 3 for fermentation fridges and serving freezer and 1 for sparge water, need another for my ginger beer fermentation fridge.
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    Inkbird Giveaway of Thermostat ITC308S with removable NTC Sensor and NTC 30CM Probe

    Either one would work fine for me, the NTC would be useful in a thermowell, the 30cm one is quite common and cheap to replace if damaged.
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    Newbie in North QLD

    To make a better beer temp control is essential in Townsville, cheap fridges can be found on Townsville buy swap and sell for around $100 pair it with an inkbird temp controller and you wil then be able to use better yeasts. I usually brew lagers at 12deg. and ales at 18deg. I would also suggest...
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    At last, a hobby that saves money!

    Love the joke, homebrewing would have to be the most expensive way to save money that I know of. Saying that I can't get the flavours and satisfaction from any commercial beer that I can from my home brew.
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    Giveaway of Inkbird temp controller ITC-308 WIFI and 20%OFF Sales

    Would love one, give me something to do while self isolating.
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    Inkbird Giveaway for Temp Controller ITC-310T-B for New Year !

    I'm in can always do with another controller.
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    When is the right time to drink different types of beer?

    I reckon any hour that has 60 minutes in it.
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    Yeast starters and equipment

    I use 3 litre Erlenmeyer flasks to do yeast starters, start with 2 1/2 litres and boil down to 2 litres before adding yeast cells. Using a stir plate is a must to get a good yeast starter, just set and check a couple of times a day. I find it usually only takes a couple of days for it to do it"s...
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    Inkbird New Product Releasing and Giveaway for one of new product!

    Count me in, need a BBQ temp gauge for my new smoker.
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    INKBIRD Giveaway of ITC-308 WIFI

    Add me in need another for the new fermentation fridge.