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    Rare Aussie Beer

    No Idea, as much as a collector is willing to pay I guess. Cheers, Screwy
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    Sparge ring

    Yeah looked at that, it's fine for sparging but I have a HERMS System I want the wort returning to the mash tun in as gentle a fashion as possible ! Screwy
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    Sparge ring

    Holee Shite that tun is full!!!!!! Yesh have done this in the past, but when I removed it to stir before mash out is got all out of shape, PITA haha Screwy
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    Sparge ring

    Haha, makes them to order, price depends upon size. His new model has 16mm arms, mine's an earlier model (12mm arms). Screwy
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    Sparge ring

    Looks good, My mate designed his with as much distribution across the grainbed as possible in mind. I see with this similar style of manifold much of the wort is returned around the outer perimeter. I would rather not have a similar problem as mentioned by DH_L3ThAL Screwy
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    Sparge ring

    I have seen this on my system before, mostly due to too much stirring of the grist. With HERMS/RIMS its best to stir gently and only at the mash in, and again once the temp has been raised to mash out. At the higher temp (Mash Out 77c) the mash is far more open due to lower viscosity and much...
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    Sparge ring

    For best efficiency in my system I fly/continuous sparge and over 10 years I have tried many types of sparge devices. Originally I ordered a rotating sparge arm from the US which I had numerous problems with. Mainly temp loss in the sparge water and not spinning due to the low sparge flow. I...
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    Dedicated Herms Guide, Problems And Solution Thread

    A brewing mate with metal fab skills made this fantastic wort return manifold. It sits on top of the grainbed, the flexible hose allows for varying grainbill size, outlet holes in the top of the arms distribute wort evenly over the top of the grainbed with no disturbance. So well made, all...
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    Birthday Drinks

    Great Vintage, Thanks Grott Thanks to all for the good wishes. Bacchus Brewing this Sat for celebration drinks !! Cheers to Stu also, sent him a birthday wish on FB. Screwy
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    Bitterness and Flavour

    Wow, that simple question has an answer that would outdo War and Peace in volumes. But simply, it takes around 60 min boiling to isomerise all of the alpha acid (bitterness). Less and you get proportionally less bitterness and more of the flavour. The Hop variety and crop levels of Alpha...
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    Kegmenter. Are they good to use?

    Will these fit a Tookeys (Style) Keg??? Screwy
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    Yeast Starter

    If you made a beer, say 20 litres, fermented it for 5 days, then pitched this 20 litres to say 200 litres of wort. What would you be pitching, a yeast starter or some fermented out beer and yeast trub?????????????????? Screwy
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    New grain mill - hand crank vs drill power?

    Interesting reading. I use a drill with a ghetto speed control (cable tie around trigger and handle) :lol: Over nearly 8 years using this mill I have found that slow gives a better crush, gap is 40thou or 1.016 mm. Much like Les and Warra my mash efficiency is usually in the 90% range...
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    What is this sweet caramel flavour?

    At first I replaced US-05 with BRY-97 with much better results (doesn't produce "that" US-05 character either) then tried Mangrove Jacks M-44 which has now become my go-to dried yeast. Screwy