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<p>I made my first extract beer in 1967 at the age of sixteen, using dried hops from the grocery store, you could buy them by the ounce back then. The recipe from an English home brewing book I found at the local library was for Avon Ale, I used light and dark liquid malt extract, compressed bakers yeast and fermented it in a plastic rubbish bin (new of course). I remember dad said he liked it, he was probably being kind. Used extract for years before kits, then brewed on and off before finally discovering AG brewing at Grumpy's Brewhaus at Verdun in SA in 2004.&nbsp;To date 200+ batches, been double batching since 2009. A lot of contacts on AHB have been instrumental in improving my beer, most from the very early days. Plus some commercial and celebrity brewers, who have provided some of the best advice I have received.</p>
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