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    Perth Brewers' Big Day Out

    hey fellas I am way behind on my uni work I thought I would have finished but unfortunately I haven't so dont wait around for me tomorrow pete ps have fun
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    Perth Brewers' Big Day Out

    yup yup im still keen and i got the email cheers cya there :chug:
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    Perth Brewers' Big Day Out

    me 2
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    Perth Brewers Look Here

    sounds like an idea im in for it on that wonderful day in spetember is it grand final day though??? EDIT: I just checked it is...
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    Perth Visit

    yes the brass monkey in nth bridge is excellent i think (know) i wasted a few years of my youth there... they have promotions every now and then... it is affiliated with the sail and anchor in freo so they have similar microbrewery specialty beers eg rasberry ale last spring mmmmmmmmmmm good...
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    New Beer School

    ECU in western australia has a bachelor degree in microbrewery. Has been running for a few years now... so this isnt that new, tho it is more of a hands on tafe thing to do.