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    Carbonation Temperature

    Aldi sell lightly sparkling water in 500ml bottles. I fill at least one bottle every brew (usually the last dregs from the fermenter). This allows me to monitor the pressurisation progress and the clarity of my brew. Must use sparkling water bottles 'coz they can withstand the pressure.
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    How to keep fridge cold when it's sunny and hot?

    Keep an eye on the internal wiring (underneath, round the back) if it's original it's rubber and after half a century should probably be replaced - mine shorted out and tripped our circuit breaker. Not a big job to replace the compressor wiring BUT the wiring to the internal light disappeared...
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    Urn power - electrical safety question pls

    Yes, the resistance will most definitely increase with increase in temperature, however at turn on the resistance will be what you measured, so the initial current drawn would be 16.3 amps and it would decrease fairly quickly with time. I'm a bit rusty with electrical theory, but I would expect...