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  1. PeterS

    Consumption Per Week

    I do not drink schooners or stubbies therefore it is too hard for me to calculate. (After all I was only educated to 8 grade.) However, as a craftbrewer, when I have a drink, I fill a jug and I do not have an alcohol free day...If you want to work it out just how much I drink, I can tell you...
  2. PeterS

    Qld Xmas Case '06

    Sorry fellows. I have to pull out this time. Cheers, PeterS...
  3. PeterS

    Free Beer

    Yeah, that's the one. I guess I was in the wrong page of the site when I made my bookmark. PeterS... :beer:
  4. PeterS

    Free Beer

    I was searching for some new recipes and I came across this topic. Have a look at the site, I think it is interesting! Free Beer Cheers PeterS... :beerbang:
  5. PeterS

    Connecting Keg To Disconnect

    Fair enough. In my case that is also easy as it is stamped in the rubber as IN for Gas and OUT for Beer. No doubt that some are not marked though. In this case, have a look at the dip tube inside the keg. You want the longest tube close to the bottom to ensure that you get the maximum beer...
  6. PeterS

    Connecting Keg To Disconnect

    I have not had any trouble so far. I learned early in the piece that the disconnects are different colour for a reason. Gray gor Gas and Black for Beer Cheers[b] PeterS... :beer:
  7. PeterS

    Single Step Infusion Mash - Vs. Rims & Herms

    I use a HERMS simply because wanted to experiment and see the results. One day I decided to purchase a convoluted chiller and my home made coil of copper pipe became redundant. I hate to throw things out and ended up using it in my HLT. I must admit I was sceptical at first and I hated...
  8. PeterS

    Why's Your Brewery Named What It Is?

    I named my "Oasis Brewery" as it is a little haven amongst all the junk under the Queensland style house. Cheer PeterS... :beerbang:
  9. PeterS


    I consider personal likes and disikes in the equation weather to use fining or not. When you formulate your brew recipe you anticipate a certain color range. If it is a dark Ale obviously there is no need for finings. On the other hand, Pilseners tend to be on the light side. In this case...
  10. PeterS

    Irish Moss (whirlflock)

    It is interesting to note that we have as many variations to its use as we have brewers. I see that some introduce it into the boil 20 min, some 10 min and some 5 minutes before flame out. Just to be different at the time I purchased some whirlflock, I did some research and on that basis I...
  11. PeterS

    Birthday Drinks

    I also missed this thread for awhile. I naturaly thought that your birthday Batz is on Saturday, the day you are having the party. Sorry I could not make it but I can assure you that I will be having a drink on you as I entertain the crowd here. Happy belated wishes mate. Cheers, PeterS...
  12. PeterS

    What Temperature Do You Drink Your Beer At

    My keg fridge is set to 4c but I do not trust any of my thermometers especially the one attached to the fridge. Therefore, in order to ensure the propoer drinking temperature, I keep tasting it to see at what stage it is at. I must say to date I found no problems with the temperature. Than...
  13. PeterS

    Chest Freezer Conversions

    Itis not rustic enough Batz. It is missing the snake in he corner. Apart from that very nice and tempting to just sit in the corner and sample the goods. Cheers. PeterS.... :beer:
  14. PeterS

    Grain Crush

    Johhno, I have a feeling that you are going to get some varied comments. It is hard to make a judgement just by looking at a picture. Having said that, It looks quite good to me. It seems to have some flour consistency but there are also some intact husks to do the filtering. Your real test...