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Amateur brewer, slowly progressing towards all grain brewing.<br />
Trying both traditional and BIAB.<br />
Live in Mandurah WA, do not know another brewer locally with the exception of the LHBS, which does not sell grains,<br />
specialising in brewing beer for customers who just want to keg and drink.<br />
I am using Beersmith to help me with my efforts and find it a very useful tool, I also have books by:<br />
Palmer and Wheeler.<br />
Love the AHB forums until someone starts &quot;shit slinging&quot; usually spoiling a good topic.<br />
Also like Jim's Beer Kit forum from the UK.<br />
Upgrading my boiler to 40 litre Crown Urn in January 2011.<br />
Have dedicated a two car garage into my brewhouse,have lots of equipment, probably more than I need but<br />
still keep buying.<br />
<br />
15 October 2011:<br />
<br />
Moved on to AG BIAB style, realy keen DIYer of brewing gear.<br />
Making a Brew in a Bucket system with a recirculating pump, launching next week.
30/4/38 (Age: 85)