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  1. Mattzilla

    Free - Crown Seal Bottles - 500ml And 750ml

    Hi Everyone I have 3 cases of 500ml crown seal bottles and another 2-3 cases of 750ml crown seal bottles FREE to AHB members A bottle of your finest wouldn't go astray lol Pick up from Caringbah Sydney Thanks Matt 0422966020
  2. Mattzilla

    31 Ways To Open A Beer Without A Bottle Opener

    i used a wire fence on sat night!!
  3. Mattzilla

    Sodium Met Dosage

    i'm an asthmatic!!!! hmmm might just keep it as back up and buy some more iodophor..... no probs with that so far thanks for your help
  4. Mattzilla

    Sodium Met Dosage

    lady at the home brew shop said no need to rinse sodium met..... so am i right in saying that i can just dunk my bottles in a small bucket so that all surfaces are covered and then air dry? do they need to sit in the solution?? thanks
  5. Mattzilla

    Sodium Met Dosage

    Hi i bought some sodium met to sterilize my gear and just want to check the dosage before use the packet says to use 10g per litre of water... is that right?? my laundry sink is 40ltrs so i would have to use 400g of sodium met right? that seems like a lot and would not make it a cost...
  6. Mattzilla

    Stc 1000 Temp Controller

    This thread is freakin awesome! I'ma complete newby when it comes to electrics but even i understand how it all works now. saying that i will be getting a qaulified sparky to set it up for me. Thanks very nmuch to everyone for adding your diagrams and instructions Matt
  7. Mattzilla

    Beer Labels And Personalised Beer Glasses

    thanks guys i have shot off a few emails about stickers i've already got the design, just need them printed as for personalised glasses, i'll have to keep looking for that one i think. I'd just like to have a couple of beer glasses that live in the fridge for when mates come over
  8. Mattzilla

    Beer Labels And Personalised Beer Glasses

    the only problem with them is that you can't uplaod your own logo. they have a range of designs to choose from that you can personalise but that's it
  9. Mattzilla

    Beer Labels And Personalised Beer Glasses

    I've played with some fo the label makers and have made a logo for my home brew beer and was wondering the best place to: 1- get some bottle labels printed 2 - get some beer glasses with a logo printed on them (without having to order 100+) I've been looking around a bit online and have found...
  10. Mattzilla

    Wanted: Bar Fridge And Temp Controller

    It's getting too hot and the more i read on this forum the more i think it's time to get a small fridge and temp controller to ferment my beer in I have a coopers 30ltr drum so the fridge will have to fit it. i can provide measurements if need be. I'm in Sydney Thanks Matt 0422966020
  11. Mattzilla

    Neeed: Crown Seal Long Necks

    Thanks VERY much Ploto for giving me so many bottles.... very generous of you mate. Still looking for more bottles if anyone has some spares or some they are selling thanks matt
  12. Mattzilla

    Hops Stuck At Customs From Northern Brewer

    oh for bulk/commercial imports then yes customs will collect duty and GST and make sure all documentation is in order
  13. Mattzilla

    Hops Stuck At Customs From Northern Brewer

    just to clear things up.... hops etc get checked and stopped by Australian Quarantine, not Customs
  14. Mattzilla

    Neeed: Crown Seal Long Necks

    champagne bottle will do the job but the bottles are slightly bigger/thicker and will take up too much room.... i'm space poor at the moment cause i'm pumping out a bunch of brews before it gets too hot i used to work in a club and i know how ferral the bottle bins can be at the end of the...
  15. Mattzilla

    Wanted: Co2 Bottle

    Hi Matho thanks mate I am spewing i missed the co2 fire extinguisher that someone had going last week in exchange for a 6 pack... that was a steal and would have been perfect for my friend. I'll check out the local brew shops for sure and see what prices they have. Thanks