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    Agrresive fermentation

    i brew ale yeast with 1 deg tops. i imagine your brew has calmed down by now, would have ran out of sugars.
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    Pimping a Coopers Kit with a Partial Mash

    my go to batch summer ale uses 500g of crystal malt in 40 litres , i use 500g in my dark ale as well with 150g of roasted barley again in a 40l batch. i always use milled. even with your unmilled batch you will get sweetness carry through from the les fermetable grains.
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    Pimping a Coopers Kit with a Partial Mash

    iam sure your pale will be fine however as peter mentioned not milling the grain will reduce the flavour you otherwise will have extracted from it, being a partial grain yo may as well eliminate the boill and use the kit for bittering. then add late dry hop for aroma and flavour. you dont state...
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    100% Greenie coming out of Adelaide, come help a man out!

    again pretty good advice from Mark, especially his 2nd paragraph.
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    What are you listening to

    BOT are great, loved em since i saw em live at deny ute muster about 4 years ago.
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    New to brewing - I wish to master this Brew Master Practice

    get a fermenting fridge, IMO temperature control is a massive way to improve your brews. find an old fridge on 2nd hanf sales sites then connect an inkbird or stc1000 controller.
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    What's The Hop Flavour In Corona And Heineken - I Dont Like It

    whatever way you want to look at it these beers are a Loooong way from adheering to the rhineheitsgabot!
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    What's The Hop Flavour In Corona And Heineken - I Dont Like It

    sol and corona are closer to moonshine than beer with the amount of corn they are made with. the amount of barley in corona is so low they even qualify as a gluten free beer with less than 20PPM of gluten.
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    Brew fridge

    good post grok, saved me typing out all these disclaimers :bigcheers:
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    Brew fridge

    Same people are happy to use BBQs and LPG cars. i suspect it has a little bit more to do with the fact that they are licensed to aquire the other gasses and hydro based gasses dont require such licensing.
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    Brew fridge

    it will, i have a mix of r134 and propane in my triton atm, if there is no gas left straight propane will be fine, you should consult the pressure/temp tables for the gas pressure but generally speaking just adding a little bit at a time untill it starts cooling will do it, its mot like you have...
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    Brew fridge

    pretty much my thoughts as well, and heres another tip, "Propane" if you top the charge up with a bit of propane it may begin working again, propane is already categorized as a UN refrigerent and present on some refrigerent mixes eg R290. its also one of the best refrigerants and readily...
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    Brew fridge

    it seems there are heaps round when you dont need one but as soon as your looking for one its like the supply dries up or they are miles away. wonder if i should put one aside if one comes up locally.
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    Brew fridge

    iam hearing you, in the end i settled on a 350l upside down, the freezer section is pretty small and is wasted but the upside is the fridge shelf of perfect height and doesn’t have a compressor bump in the fridge cavity.
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    12v pump for robobrew (1st gen)

    do you need a high pressure pump?, i got one of these for filling up an IBC on our water cartage trailer that i tow behind the polaris for filling troughs and watering trees, goes really well, and moves a heck of a lot of water but definitely wont lift it far. (Head: 3-5M)...