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  1. J


    I’ve even decanted our 10l into a cube before it hits boil and reintroduced once the initial boil surge is over. Especially when I’m trying to get 44 l Out of my 50l unit. Seems to work just fine
  2. J


    I have been stirring twice for the last few brews, has helped get mash efficiency up to 80% regularly. Even got 82% with 10kg in the 50l. A lot better then the last big brew I did with no stirring.
  3. J

    FS (Bris or post): SmartPID retrofit kit for BZ / Guten

    I'll take it. Have been looking at updating my Guten unit. Brisbane based too.
  4. J

    Giveaway of Inkbird temp controller ITC-308 WIFI and 20%OFF Sales

    Count me in. Need some more temp controls for exploration of hot fermenting with kveik
  5. J

    Robobrew V3 vs Guten

    Mine malfunctioned after 15 batches, suspect it was something wrong with the PCB as the screen was dead and buttons non-responsive. It was quickly repaired by KK and is back in action. I would buy it again, the 50 l is a good size, I can get two cubes at a stretch.
  6. J

    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Unfortunately a bit tall for my fermentation fridge, I've only got 860 mm. Suspect this is a common problem for people using old fridge/freezer systems. Can these be inverted in the in the cradle for a reduced height?
  7. J


    I lost a few parts to my overflow pipe so was keen to get the telescopic one, but these reports of broken welds is a bit worrying. I had a badly scorched element after brewing a hefeweizen with my overflow blocked up, probably could have been avoided with more rice hulls, but a telescopic...
  8. J

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    It's on the website now, bit of a surprise. Looks very interesting, and keenly priced.
  9. J

    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I'm curious about this method. I would have thought that even with multiple purges of CO2 there would still be a reasonable component of oxygen in the collection container, that would be introduced to the brew. Similar to trying to purge oxygen out of a keg by pressurising with CO2 and burping...
  10. J

    Inkbird Giveaway for Temp Controller ITC-310T-B for New Year !

    Yes please. Need another one for my ventures into hot fermentation with Kveik
  11. J

    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Anyone know what the total height of the G3 is? Trying to figure out if I can fit one in my fridge before I place an order.
  12. J

    KK - 'Fermentasaurus' conical PET fermenter

    Anyone Trying to find dimensions of the new G3 Fermenter King, in particular total height of the unit in the stand. Need to confirm that it will fit in my fridge before I order one. Cheers
  13. J

    Keg King Conversation- Back On AHB

    Waiting, waiting... fear we will miss out on the Wednesday delivery window :(
  14. J

    No chill hop additions with hop spider

    I've got a 50l and lose a couple of litres with trub in the base of the kettle. Also worth noting that the litre markers aren't very accurate, and cubes tend to be bigger than 20l (mine are 22l), so it might take a few runs to get your volumes dialled in. Worth filling a cube up, then using...
  15. J


    After a weekend of mishaps I'm a false bottom convert. I've struggled with a helix setup on the tap outlet, which is slow to drain, even when hot cubing. Decided to go down the Brewzilla false bottom route. was easy enough to cut to size using an angle grinder. Was doing a double batch (9 kg...