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My Name is Jake, but you can just call me Jake.. im a chef by trade and am currently working in the industry on the central coast of NSW. i have 2 big passions in life and that is Food, and Beeeeeeeerrrr!!!!!!...i have been brewing beer for quite a while now and being a chef i find it quite helpful in terms of flavour identification and the uses of different yeasts....not to mention temperature control and sanitisation...i urge any new brewers who would like help with Kit/Extract brews to feel free to ask me or any other experienced brewer for advice as a little can help in the way of insperation.....

Experienced Kit and Extract Brewer
7/6/91 (Age: 31)


Fermenter 1: Full Extract-BECKS Clone
Fermenter 2:
Fermenter 3:

Bottle Conditioning: Belgian Blonde Ale 6.5%, Full Extract-CASCARILLO American Amber Ale

Drinking: James Squires Golden Ale Clone 4.7% (absoloutely spot on), England Pale Ale 5.8%, Honey Gold Lager 5.2%, Hallertau Pilsner 5.3%, Belgian Grand Cru 9%

Planned Brews: , Full Extract Australian Pale Ale ( possibly JS 150 Lashes Pale Ale Clone ), Full Extract Dunkelweizen, Full Extract Hallertau Pilsner, Full Extract American Blonde Ale, Mixed Berry Cider.