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    Counter flow wort chiller and Rambo burners for sale

    Hi, I have 1 counter flow wort chiller and 2 Rambo burners for sale. Wort Chiller - $80 Rambo Burners - $50 each. IMG_0069 by Hopeye posted 29/10/18 at 12:57 PMIMG_0068 by Hopeye posted 29/10/18 at 12:57 PM
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    Brewery Bits for sale

    Ok, Prices have been halved. Wort chiller: $50 Boil Kettle: $100 Cheers, David
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    Brewery Bits for sale

    Hey, The hole in the bottom is for anything that you would like to drain thru it...... Use your imagination, it's a bold kettle.
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    Brewery Bits for sale

    I have pictures of the burner, but, can't figure out how to upload them. It's a two-ring burner that sits under the middle of the kettle. It does need a bit of TLC, but, it's an add-on to the kettle and not for sale by itself. The kettle also comes with the copper down-spout/stop-cock, which...
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    Brewery Bits for sale

    Hi, I have a 10 metre counterflow wort chiller and an 80 litre copper boil kettle (with burner) for sale. Wort chiller: $100 Boil Kettle: $200 Open to offers. Cheers
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    Fs: Mykegonlegs 2.3kg Co2 Cylinder

    Aluminium corrodes.
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    Brisbane Ahb Pub Crawl

    Ha ! No-one's to talk about beer ??
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    [syd] Free 140l Bar Fridge

    Hi Xavier, I'm interested in this fridge. Tried to PM you, but, the system dis-allowed me from sending it. Send me a PM. Cheers,, David.
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    FS Hopeye's items

    The copper alone is worth $80, scrap value is around $30. If I were to apply the labour rates that I charge for my day job, you'd all think I was a WANKER. Far from what everyone is thinking, I am not trying to screw anyone on price. If I think what you want to pay for it is reasonable, we...
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    FS Hopeye's items

    80 Litre.
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    FS Hopeye's items

    Kegs have been sold.
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    FS Hopeye's items

    Everything for sale is only worth what you are willing to own it for. It's purely Free Market rules. I decide who I sell them to.
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    FS Hopeye's items

    You can offer to buy either one or both. I haven't been on the site for a while so I'll check back in a week or two to see if anyone is interested in any of it. Please feel free to throw shit around as it doesn't bother me what any of you do or say. I don't care if you want to play silly...