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    Coopers best extra stout recipe (AG)

    Are you guys milling the roast grains with the other grains or are you grinding them separately? I have read that the roast grains can be ground quite fine to get more character out of them. This might aid in getting the acrid flavour apparent in Coppers Stout?
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    Competition advice for newbies

    Do you keg or bottle condition? If you bottle condition and your sanitation is up to scratch then the beer you enter will stand a good chance of being a good representation of your brewing and will allow the judges to give you some good feedback. If you keg, bottling from the keg raises it's...
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    Mild FG Question. Am I too high?

    I just brewed a Mild with the same yeast and ended up with the same FG as you, starting at 1038. Kegged it a couple of days ago and it is drinking well. This is my third time using the ESB yeast and I have had similar FG's each time, with varying OG's. Mashed this one at 65C so should have...
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    Nice call. I am recording it.

    Nice call. I am recording it.
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    GIVEAWAY AGAIN INKBIRD IBT-2X cooking digital thermometer

    Looks great. I'm in please.
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    Keg King kegerator series 4

    When I gave the 4mm line a go I started with around 3m because I wanted to start long and shorten it until I got the performance I wanted. At 3m the thing hardly even poured so I would suggest starting at 2m and shortening from there. I didn't bother experimenting with shortening the line as I...
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    Keg King kegerator series 4

    . Question for kegerator users: I have gone with the 4mm beer line and KK recommend 1.5-2m for flow control. I have put the tap height, pressure etc through a couple of beer line calculators (this one and the spreadsheet linked to this AHB article) that come up with about 1.1-1.2 metres of...
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    New Hop: Fortnight

    Drinking a freshly kegged American Amber that I brewed with Fortnight as a single hop. 100gm used late. Probably 30gm at 10, 30 gm at flame out and 40 gm after letting the wort cool for 20 minutes. Then another 15 minutes then cubed and 'pooled'. Nice bitterness with the fairly high AA. I...
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    Conundrum in Mornington

    Look for some brew buddies. There hasn't been 1 bad bloke I have met through our local home brew club. It seems to be that the dickheads are put off by the fact that you have to do some work to make beer!
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    So $500 US landed? Looks like a good deal. Should there be a Guten thread of its own?
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    Keg King ROBOBREW 35L SINGLE VESSEL BREWERY Is this the one you purchased WEAL?
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    FS: Braumeister 20L (Brisbane)

    Very tempting!
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    Swollen cube

    Feed some to your cat. If the cat dies then tip it out.
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    Get into O2 guys, if you're serious about nicer beer

    I am interested in getting an O2 setup and can see the benefits but one thing I was wondering about was when did commercial breweries start using oxygenation? For example. Does Chimay use oxygenation and when did they start? Do they get better attenuation now than before? Did they use higher...
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    Foamy gunk left over after FG hit

    That seems normal for US05. I'd give it a few more days for the yeast to clean up then cold crash. I wouldn't be too hasty in scooping the stuff off the top.