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    Brisbane BB March

    I’ll be in for this Brisie 3x bb ale 1x bb wheat 1x ? Samuel Adams 1x Wey Pils, 1x BB Ale Coollinz 1 x bb ale, 1 x bb wheat, 1 x wey pils Total = 10
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    Gas refill between Gold Coast and Brisbane

    I’ve been searching for CO2 refills and found a place at Yalala QLD for those interested for a place between Goldy and Brissy. They have other locations as well across the borders. I have no affiliation with them, just couldn’t find anything in between the cities. This might help someone out as...
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    Brisbane grain bulk buy April 2018

    1: Brewno Marz: 1xTFMO, 1xBB Ale, 1xWey Bo Pils, 1/2 x Wey Munich I, 1/2 x Wey Munich II, 1xWey Vienna 2: Samuel Adams: 2x BB Ale, 1x TFMO, 1/2x Wey Pils, 1/2x BB Wheat 3: Foxie: 1/2 BB Wheat 4: Plyplema: 1x BB Ale, 1xGF Pilsner, 1x GF Munich, 1x GF Vienna, 1/2 x BB Wheat 5: Coollinz: 1 x BB...
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    New member

    Heyceveryone, been looking at this site for a while and just did my first pale ale all grain last week so I thought this would be a great resource. Looking forward to learning heaps more. Cheers Linz