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  • No wonder you got along with her... first wife syndrome... A couple of years of spoiling and then.. gone! hom.
    Is it hard to breathe with a fat cock rammed down your throat? Are your ears sore from all the pulling yet....?
    I've got a case of the warm and fuzzies right about now.
    if your kegs are empty then you should rack off - a new brew into an empty keg
    Hey mate nothing planned at this stage unfortunately.. When are you gonna bring your fam across the ditch and come drink some real beer? ;o)
    Happy New Year to you too!
    The forum software didn't inform me that you left a message! I'm not a snob. HONEST!!!
    Where are you Chappo, last seen 2 days ago!!!! Did you give the Missus a few days away? Thats it, be a good boy, a very good boy, you certainly will need to be for this coming weekend.....
    Cheers for the welcome back - been hiding under my Valiant and motorbikes, as well as uni work. All going well B)
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