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    Inkbird ITC-308 WIFI+Brewing heat belt Giveaway+Discount sales

    Yes, great gear. Already have a controller (wired up one), so a additional heat control for another fermenter would be good
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    Gas Guyz Ultimate Gas Bundle Giveaway!

    The 2.6 would be an upgrade to my sodastream gas set up. 6kg even better
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    Inkbird Temp controller ITC-308 wifi Giveaway + Discount sales

    only have the controller now, so wifi is a great add on
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    WTB :Mini keg set up

    Starting brewing, and already I'm tired of bottles. Anyone got a mini keg set up that they want to get rid of? Ideally, 4 or 5 litre and mini gauge to use with soda stream May also be interested in a corny and a co2 regulator